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Below is a set choice of our most popular requests however we can tailor your buffet to your requirements and budget or occasion. Please feel free to discuss this with the Manager or head Chef.

You can download our buffet menu here.

Bronze Menu

£7.50 per head

Vegetable samosas (v)
Buffet scotch eggs
Garlic bread slices (v)
Sausage rolls
Seafood sticks
Cocktail sausages
Battered chicken chunks
Crudities and dips (v)
Tortilla chips and dips (v)
Tuna and sweetcorn mayo sandwiches
Cheese and spring onion mayo sandwiches (v)
Ham salad sandwiches

Party Buffet

£5.00 per head

Sausage rolls
Tortilla chips and dips (v)
Cocktail sausages
Crudities and dips(v)
Mini cheese and tomato pizzas(v)
Garlic bread slices (v)
Chicken nuggets
Ham sandwiches
Cheese and tomato sandwiches
Tuna mayo sandwiches

Gold Menu

£12.50 per head

Mixed cheese board selection (v)
Chicken tikka skewers
Marinated mixed olives (v)
Spicy Chicken wings of fire
Mixed bread and oils (v)
Individual BBQ spare ribs
Carrot and coriander goujons (v)
Oriental filo wrapped prawns
Wholetail Scampi
Spicy Mediterranean pasta (v)
Moroccan cous cous salad (v)
Lemon pepper chicken sandwiches
Pork and apple sandwiches
Cheese and spring onion sandwiches (v)

Silver Menu

£10.00 per head

Spicy chicken wings of fire
Tuna and sweetcorn pasta salad
Southern fried chicken goujons
Seasoned potato wedges (v)
Spinach and feta goujons (v)
Bubble battered oriental prawns
Vegetable samosas (v)
Wholetail breaded scampi
Breaded mushrooms (v)
Spicy Mediterranean pasta (v)
Chicken, bacon and sweetcorn sandwiches
Cheese and spring onion sandwiches (v)
Tuna mayo and sweetcorn sandwiches